Our own brand when it comes to regenerate a true smoke cloud from liquid smoke. Our droplets are so small you can’t even feel them with your bare hands. Hence the definition “dry smoke”. Another very interesting detail is that we can reduce your consumption and process time dramatically compared to other systems on the market. Today we can cut your process time in half and reduce your comsumption by 25%.

This remarkable piece of equipment is mobile so you can actually try the real deal instead of trusting vendors that they can actually get the job done. Why settle for the system your supplier tells to to buy? We can easily hook-up this unit to your existing smoke-/cook chamber in less than 15 minutes. This is also true for you traditional smokers who are interested in an easier and better way of smoking. The difference is that we let you try it for free.



Spray Dosing System – A simple, yet sophisticated system to dose into your slicer/packing/sealing machine to eliminate E-coli, Listeria, Salmonella to name a few problems. Works on any MAP, vacuum, pouch, tray, etc, etc. Shelf-life is improved 2 to 3 times with this simple process.

To sum it up. If it is liquid and you need to dose, atomize, spray, form droplets, create a constant stream or whatever it might be? We can control it and create a form factor that is necessary for your product. Works for taste- /colour and/our shelf-life systems that needs precise control of the process. A repetitively process  with total control is the key phrase for safe food production.

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